Babies sitting

When you have two sets of twins, you might find that they – er – tend to look after one another. Such was the case here with set #1 (Jane and Charles age 4) decided to help out with set #2(Eddie and StanleyScream Two age 1):

Jane offered to babysit today. All went well with the solemn little Stanley seated on the couch until his mobile twin cruised up and smacked him on the head with an eggbeater. Stanley started to howl, so Jane started to sing, which is her method of cheering everyone up. Stanley, however, was crying so hard that she had to sing very loudly. Leaning over him with fixed determination, she belted out “Jingle Bells”, which happens to be the happiest song she knows.
Could have been the hollering, could have been the singing, but soon Eddie lent his lungs to the fray.
Two against one can be a problem and Jane is no fool. Above the din, there was a “Charles! I need help in here!”
Charles, sensing chaos, came happily and joined with Jane in the chorus….
“Oh, what fun it is to cry on a one house ooooooo-pen sleigh” they hollered merrily in stereo, as the babes, also in stereo, hollered with distinctly less enthusiasm.
I guess this is what one would call quadraphonic sound. Unfortunately, there’s never that dial to switch it off.

3 responses to “Babies sitting

  1. Kudos to little Jane for belting out Jingle Bells to her howling baby brothers. I suppose at that age she only knew the chorus and hadn’t progresses to the verse … at which point she could have urged “…laughing all the way”. Kudos to Mom for seeing the humour in the situation!

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