Many Chickens Make Twins Bounce

This how to, and sometimes how not to book is for the busy mom and dad – or grannie who was roped in to spending the day with the gands. It is a selection of frank anecdotes about how one husband and wife lived through two sets of twins and two singles in eight years. Sixteen Chickens reminds us that the choice of laughter in sticky situations can be just the key to stress relief. Let there be laughter! And let there be a pen to record it. The book is written so that the busy caregiver can write their own stories on the pages provided at the back of the book. Because memories fade and the amazing things that children do and say are too precious to be lost. And one day, your recollections might make your grown children more able to manage raising their own unruly brood with patience and a sense of humor. Canadian Faye and her husband Greg eventually fled the snow and now live on Grand Cayman Island where Faye, passionate about literacy, volunteers with an organization called Literacy Is For Everyone. LIFE promotes literacy in the Cayman Islands. All profits from the sale of her book go to support LIFE through Rotary Sunrise on Grand Cayman Island.Sixteen Chickens flyer-poster-01 (3)

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