Pet talk

DSCF1343I guess it’s time we had the sex talk. Or at least explained the – er – physiology of the kids’ pets. Minnie the cat has already had two batches of kittens, which was a wonderful event in the house, but Greg and I figured that we’d just about exhausted all the friends and relatives we knew to give away more kittens, so we decided it was time to have her neutered. Today, noticing that Molly the dog was in heat, I took her to be bred at a friend’s place that had a German Shepherd named Storm. I then prepared poor Minnie for the next day at the vet’s: no food or drink for twelve hours. This had Eddie totally confused, and though this would have been a very good time for that little talk, I didn’t get that chance because his older, wiser brother, Charles, decided to do it himself. Lifting his leg to ride an imaginary motorcycle, Charles twisted the imaginary handlebars and said, “It’s easy, Eddie. Storm’s gonna get his engine revved – pumped – you know. And Molly’s gonna get her headlights turned on so that they just shine!” he finished with a drawl. “And Minnie, well” – he rolled his eyes sadly, then, crossing his arms he learned forward dramatically and whispered – “hedge clippers!”

2 responses to “Pet talk

  1. Ahahaha! And today, many years later, Charles has two of his own and is likely needing a tune-up … or considering hedge clippers.

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